On this page, you will find audio and video of some of Sam’s performances and music.

Library – Hills and Valleys

Composer: Sam Massey | Strings: Phonograph Effect | Mixing: John Prestage, AIR Studios

Library – Bustling City Scene

Composer: Sam Massey |Strings: Phonograph Effect | Flute: Karen Jones | Trumpet: Dean Wright | Marimba: Harriet Riley | Percussion: Mark Whitlam | Timpani: Bill Massey | Mixing: Chris Traves

Chamber Brass – Devon Alumni Brass Ensemble

Composer: Sam Massey

Trumpets: Ryan Jacob, Hannah Plumridge

French Horns: Katy Woolley, Hannah Williams

Trombones: Tom White, Jonathan Hollick, Ed Hilton

Tuba: Mike Poyser

Big Band – Superloc-down Big Band

Trumpets: Gavin Mallett, Dean Wright, Tim Rabbitt, Robin Pengilley, Andy Hague (solo flugelhorn)

Trombones: Tom Green, Joe Carnell, Mark Bassey, Jon Hopes

Saxes: Jade Gall, Ed Leaker, Andy Tweed (solo), Will Paley, Karen Sharp

Rhythm: Chris McMurran (keys), Jesse Mollins (gtr), Jim Rintoul (bass), Mark Whitlam (drums)

Chamber – Superlocrian

‘Just Say You Love Me’ by Richard Niles/Pat & Greg Kane, arranged by Sam Massey.

Arrangement used with kind permission from Universal Music Publishing Limited and Kobalt Music Publishing Limited.

Personnel, from left to right:

Alto Saxophone – Jade Gall |Alto Saxophones – Edward Leaker | Tuba – Mike Poyser | Trombone – Terry Kelly | Flugelhorn – Dean Wright | Flugelhorn – Stuart Brooks

Pop – PP Arnold

“Baby Blue” by P.P. Arnold, produced by Steve Cradock.

Trumpet & Flugelhorn performance and horn arrangement: Sam Massey

Pop – Ocean Colour Scene

‘Because You’re Mine’ by Ocean Colour Scene.

Flugelhorn performance and arrangement: Sam Massey

Pop – Seriously Collins – Phil Collins

Horn transcription/arrangement and trumpet performance: Sam Massey

Jazz – Sam Massey Ensemble

‘I Remember Clifford’ by Benny Golson, arranged by Steve Waterman and adapted for this instrumentation by Sam Massey, performed by the Bassey Plays Massey Septet at Teignmouth Jazz Festival 2018.

Performers: Julien Alenda – Alto Sax | Sam Massey – Flugelhorn soloist | Jade Gall – Soprano Sax | Mark Bassey – Trombone

‘Funktuality’ by Sam Massey performed by the Sam Massey Ensemble at SpeakeasyTorquay in April 2018.

Featured Soloists (in order of performance: Jade Gall – Tenor Sax | Tom Green – Trombone | Sam Massey: Trumpet/Composer | Lewis Riley – Piano | Robin Pengilley – Trumpet

Trumpet: Robin Pengilley | Trumpet/MD: Sam Massey | Tenor Sax: Jade Flugelhorn | Trombone: Tom Green | Piano: Lewis Riley | Bass: Jim Rintoul | Drums: Gary Evans

Chamber Ensemble

Sam performing Eric Vloeimans’ 7 trumpet arrangement of his tune ‘Armin’ at Dartington Summer School 2016. From left to right: Sam Massey, Paul Archibald, Eric Vloeimans, Florent Leyvraz, Corinna Hoefeld-Jacobsen, Vuk Dajic and Nikola Mijajlovic.

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